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  • You can be made a fool of by tricky commercials if you want.  But, FAT chickens make FAT People. Because, you're eating the same thing that made them FAT. High Blood Pressure, Heart disease, Clogged Arteries, Alabama has a 45% obesity rate.   We produce the Healthiest, Tastiest, and Freshest Grass Raised Poultry in the World. You can purchase a chicken's future here. A small $5.00 deposit, per bird, will reserve a carefully nurtured chicken for you.    Email, Call, or Text Barry / leave a msg.

440 Clara Gardner Road, Burkville, Ala 36752

(334) 419-0685 washmaeella@aol.com

They say "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink!"

Let us put you on the road  to  a healthier life.  There's a reason we're not living longer than our parents. Look around.

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We sell all natural/organic raised chickens and eggs


All deliveries to our pickup points are free.  The farm is located at 440 Clara Gardner Road, Burkville, Alabama 36752.  Ten miles west of Montgomery.   You can visit our sister site:  www.dotfarms.biz for articles

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 Please add your email address below so we may contact you with promotions.  Our One for One campaign kicks  off  January 1, 2019.  We will donate chickens and eggs to help the hungry when you purchase products from us.

Grandmama Mae Ella Inspired


We raise our chickens just feet from where Mae Ella Davis raised hers in the 1950's.  As Baby Lee and I watched the chicken hawk watching Mamma's chickens I can't help but think I was inspired to block him in the future.

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5 dozen Organic/All Natural Brown Eggs: Brings out the taste in your cakes and pies.  $19.50 including tax

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You can reserve a fresh organic whole chicken today beginning at $17.50. Place your Order! (Pay for a 3 and 1/2 pound chicken at $5 per pound ) and you will receive - This One Time BONUS
....every pound over  is FREE. That's right. We guarantee and you pay for a 3 1/2 lb chicken. But if the chicken is 6 pounds..For a limited time the extra weight is FREE. We have a maximum capacity to order from the Hatchery so we must confine your orders to a First Come First Served.

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Use the EMAIL above to place your order.  We only purchase a couple hundred chicks above that which is ordered. The Avg grow out weight is  3 - 3  1/2 pounds.  The babies will arrive on the farm in late March and you can pick up your order the end of May.  A $5.00 deposit is required for each chicken ordered. Place your order on the email above then send your deposit to the address listed.  Call to discuss electronic deposits.

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We follow Christian doctrines. Raising chics outside is extremely labor intensive. We strive to keep prices down.

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We believe you can't live a long healthy life without healthy products.


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